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Thursday, August 26, 2010

You can't go home

Part of the whole "city that never sleeps" thing is, I'm discovering, that it's really easy to be out all day. All told for today I'll probably be home and away for 75 minutes, tops. And it doesn't seem particularly unusual or wild or extravagant: walked to work, had a workday, V met me at the office, we walked to the village for dinner, came home real quick to feed the kitty and have a drink before going to the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater for a $5 improv show performed by the writers from The Colbert Report. Fun show, walk home, and suddenly it is basically time to be heading to bed.

How does anyone find time to be at home here? Much less time to do things like laundry? I guess that's why there are wash and fold services.

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