Two Californians making a leap of faith and moving to the Big Apple.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 2 - Upper West Side

Originally we planned to head out to Brooklyn this morning to check out some residential neighborhoods that had been recommended to us: Cobble Hill, Park Slope, things in that area (and maybe downtown Brooklyn). Picnic in Prospect Park, the little sister of Central Park. Unfortunately, my laptop went kaput this morning. I'll be the first to admit, I'm overly reliant on technology. And the death of my laptop isn't really quite a catastrophe, I have backups and there are other computers. But it is a crappy way to start the day. So we got a late start and changed plans to instead poke around the Upper West Side, one of the neighborhoods our apt broker is recommending for us. (And also an area that had an Apple store so I could get someone to diagnose my laptop's demise.)

The UWS was really a place that we both felt comfortable. Lots of beautiful residential sheets lined with trees, diners, restaurants, and shopping on the two main North/South streets (Broadway & Amsterdam). And one of the things that really impressed me: grocery stores. Several of em. And not just that, some that clearly have some amazing specialization and stunning quality and selection. Zabars on Broadway was awesome. I don't usually like cheeses all that much, although they are growing on me, but the cheese counter alone was a thing of wonder. Every few feet of the store brought on new waves of amazing aromas. And upstairs was the best selection of housewares and kitchen gadgets I've seen. Way cool.

So after some wandering, exploring, eating, and shopping, I made it to the Apple Store where I was eventually informed that ny harddrive has gone kaput, but they will replace it. So l will be slightly hobbled for a couple days, but nothing too bad. And the need to visit the Apple store did get us up to the UWS sooner. Definitely the neighborhood to beat so far.

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