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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Lessons

Some more random things I've learned in the last week or so:

* Jaywalking: It really is a way of life, and it really is pretty safe in most cases. The crosswalk light is the guarantee, but the flow of foot traffic will go whenever it is "safe," by which we mean there aren't any cabs currently at full speed heading this way. With one-way streets everywhere (it's really a surprise to stumble onto a two-way), it's pretty easy to predict who is coming into the intersection and when.
* Storefronts: You really cannot judge anything by the storefront. The little deli across the way from us looks like a dumpy place from the outside, but inside it is clean, well stocked, and full of things I wouldn't expect to see (quality meats, cheeses, juices, vegetables, etc). The place we went for dinner last night was similar: the difference (to my West Coast eye) between the facade and the food was stunning.
* Walking: I've found on the web various info suggesting that New Yorkers walk 1 to 4 miles a day, average. Distances here are really tweaked. It's really easy to walk to breakfast/lunch/dinner/bar/the store/the park/some attraction which is "just a mile away." I haven't kept really close tabs on it, but I'm quite sure that every day since we got here I've walked at least 2.5 miles, I wouldn't be surprised if the minimum was more like 3 or 3.5, and I know some days have hit 5 or 6 easy. And it just feels completely natural: it's the fastest way to get around, there's tons to see, and there are loads of people walking with you. It's definitely a city that is meant to be handled on foot.

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